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The Ørsted visual universe is optimistic about the future and focuses on people enjoying the energy of life.

We want to win hearts and minds with our approach to renewable energy, and our images are an essential key to making that happen. All images and video should have a feeling of energy and possibility, and should always feature people as the hero.
By lifting people up to become the hero in our images, we make our brand relatable and show the amazing opportunities in everything we do. When shooting and selecting images, it should feel like you’re part of the action. That you’re participating in a special moment in someone’s life.


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Use rights

Ørsted has user rights to all images in Ørsted's image bank. 
When taking new photographs, it is important that you clear the rights to the images and ensure that any models have accepted the conditions of the photographic shoot. 

General image and video style

Here are a few keywords to work from when taking new photos, shooting video or selecting images from image databases.
Authentic – Real situations with real people. Images and videos should capture real situations in a natural and relaxed manner. Colours should be natural and well-balanced to reflect authenticity.
Optimistic – Capture people expressing happiness, energy and a winning attitude. We want to show the world that we can achieve – not the one we want to avoid. 
Dynamic – The compositions have contrast, the subjects are active, and the images are cropped and angled to grab the attention of the viewer. The energy of the image should leap off the page or screen.
Engaging – Situations that we can relate to and be inspired by. People should always be the focal point of the images.

Image categories

The images have been divided into categories to ensure that Ørsted can tell an entire story through pictures. The categories help you to select the right image for the right occasion and to show the different moods, styles and genres of our image style.

Energy of life

At Ørsted, we focus on bringing the benefits of renewable energy to a wider audience. These images should capture a feeling of optimism and hope for the future. And show the world and the life we look forward to when the world runs entirely on clean, renewable energy.

Energy consumption (B2C)

When showcasing energy consumption, we aim to make a bold statement with our images. It’s real people in real situations. We take the things that make life great and use energy to amplify them into something special. Break stereotypes and capture the imagination by showing people doing things that are slightly unexpected.

Energy consumption (B2B)


We also showcase how businesses and corporations can use renewable energy to meet their sustainability goals and how they can run a successful business without harming the planet. This category isn’t limited to businesses, but also encompasses our consultants in the field with their customers.

Energy sources

We portray energy sources through the forces of nature. We include active people in motion to increase the dynamics, present the use of energy, and to show how humans can thrive from nature’s forces.

Energy production

Our power is produced using innovative technologies that can harness the renewable energy that our planet can offer. Wind turbines, power plants, biomass, engineering and technical expertise are all parts of that equation. Always strive to include people to make the images more relatable. When people can’t be included on the images, try to include other elements (vehicles, wildlife, etc) to add a sense of scale.



We want to portray our employees in a realistic, optimistic and down-to-earth manner whenever possible. It’s important that we showcase their daily work lives in a light and authentic way.


Video & cinemagraphs

Whenever possible, video and cinemagraphs should supplement still images in digital communication. Cinemagraphs can be used instead of pictures to increase the emotional impact and/or instead of video in situations where you need to control certain areas to use text on the image, but would still like a living backdrop.
Each director, producer and cinematographer will have their own unique vision for the visual universe that they would like to create using video or film. Use the General image and video style guidelines above when creating new video content. 
Movie clips/loops that work on the same level as a still photo. The movement makes them more engaging and seem ‘alive’. The camera moves slightly as if held by hand or mounted on a slow-moving dolly or drone – additional dynamics are created by the movement of the subjects or objects. They’re generally silent as they’re placed on websites, reception screens, mobile ads, screensavers, etc.