When communicating data, you can choose to use a graph or an infographic. Graphs and diagrams are used mainly in reports and presentations. Infographics are used on our website, social media profiles and presentations.

Infographics are a more engaging way of showing graphs and figures. It is designed to make the data easily understandable at a glance.

Your Microsoft Office Programs have various “ready to use”-graphs and diagrams included:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Choose “insert graph”, and choose several options for diagrams and graphs.
  • Microsoft Words: Choose “insert graph”, and choose several options for diagrams and graphs.
  • Microsoft Excel: Choose “Insert graphs and diagrams”, and choose several options. Please note, that you should use the Ørsted colors, and you will have actively to choose the “Ørsted color template”.

Guidelines for graphs and diagrams

If you are working with graphs in publications such as the Annual report, Financial reporting or other graph-heavy designed documents, use the following guidelines:

  • Use a simple set of colours
  • Be consistent in the use of colour – e.g. use the same colour as highlight colour throughout the document
  • For bar charts use spacing between the bars
  • In circle diagrams use a ring divided in colours and not a pie diagram
  • Make sure that legends are included and easy to decode.
  • Always include source when presenting figures.

Examples of graphs and diagrams

Examples in use


Guidelines for making an infographic

When adding an illustration to a graph or a diagram, it will show a broader scene of your message and explain your point. For adding illustrations to a graph, you can easily choose from our wide selection of pictograms. If you don’t find he correct illustration for your message, please contact Corporate Branding.


  • Be simple without being naive
  • Use or be inspired by our pictograms
  • Use gaps instead of lines and outlines
  • Avoid too many details


  • Use one brand colour for the background
  • Choose one brand colour + add white and neutral colours as needed
  • Only if necessary use an extra colour for highlighting a specific number

Examples of infographics

Examples of illustrations

Technical drawings

The technical drawings use a white illustration on a coloured background and has a more realistic look. Show the scale to represent the subject correctly. Do you need help with creating technical drawings?

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