The lifestream is a visual expression of the life found everywhere in our home, planet Earth.

Powered by an evolving algorithm, the Lifestream element is an intelligent, dynamic element that’s inspired by some of the most powerful energy patterns found in nature: wind and water currents, flocks of birds and schools of fish.

The Lifestream element is available in video and photo versions.


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Use rights

Ørsted's lifestream may be used only by Ørsted and by 100% owned Ørsted companies. It must not be used for marketing purposes by a third party or for third party business without prior written approval from Ørsted.

Inquiries should be sent to Corporate Branding


Lifestream examples


Number of data points 
Use many dots to create an immersive, dynamic expression. Using too few dots removes the energy and creates a flat, static image. 

Lifestream elements
Close cropping the Lifestream helps give it a sense of direction and movement. 
Example on no cropping where dynamics is more subtle
The trails emphasise the movement of the Lifestream. Without the trails, the Lifestream dots give a calm expression. With the trails activated, the Lifestream transforms into a network-like visualisation that captures the eye – and the imagination. Both can be used whenever possible. When used live or as a sequence, a mix of the two can be used to great effect.  
Example when the movement of the dots is emphasised


Choosing the right combination of colours for the Lifestream depends on the context. Always keep in mind that the overall expression should be bright and energetic. The preferred colour combinations are shown here.

White Lifestream on a coloured background or coloured Lifestream on a white background always works well. If warm grey is used, be aware that the expression should never appear heavy or dirty. 

Example on Colour for livestream

The three versions

Lifestream exists in three versions for various purposes:

An algorithm that moves and evolves for an indefinite amount of time. This is the most lifelike version, and the one that can be turned into interactive experiences. It is the starting point for all other versions of the Lifestream.

A recording of the live version for a limited amount of time.

Still image from the live version.

Which version to use for what media table
File formats for live and sequence table