The Ørsted logo is our outward face to the world. It helps people recognise who we are and place us in the correct context.

To help create a welcoming and honest logo that reflects who we are, our wordmark is set in our proprietary Ørsted Bold typeface. There are no flourishes or complex elements. It’s a simple, no-frills logo.
Even though the wordmark is based on the Ørsted Bold typeface, the logo files should always be used. This guarantees that the correct characters are being used. You can find the logo files below.

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Use rights

Ørsted's trademarks may be used only by Ørsted and by 100% owned Ørsted companies. They must not be used for marketing purposes by a third party or for third party business without prior written approval from Ørsted.

Inquiries should be sent to Corporate Branding

Logo colours

Logo colours
The Ørsted logo must always be Ørsted Blue or white. The preferred version is Ørsted Blue, and the white version is used when it’s not possible to use the blue. The Ørsted logo must always be clear and legible against the background.

In rare instances, where print methods are limited, a black version of the logo may be used. Contact Corporate Branding for approval.

The logo comes in multiple colour versions: RGB, CMYK, Pantone and HEX. Use the version that is best suited to your applications.

Logo with tagline

Logo with tagline
Our tagline ‘Love your home’ refers to our common home, the Earth. To ensure that our audiences intuitively understand the meaning of our tagline, it should initially only be used in combination with our vision ‘A world that runs entirely on green energy’ or in combination with visualisations of the globe.

Logo clear space

To give the logo room to breathe on the materials, there should be minimum
50% of the height/width of the wordmark (X) clear space around the logo
from other elements, logos or images.

When using a white logo on an image, there should always be a distance of X around the logo to the edge of the page/layout.
When headlines and titles are connected to the wordmark, the logo does
not need the same vertical clear space. This is to create a stronger link
between the logo and the title.

The logo should never touch the headline or title and should maintain a natural distance.

See more about Headlines & logo

Logo positioning

Our logo lives in the top left corner of our materials, but can also be placed in the other corners if the need arises. 

The logo should not be centred. Exceptions are business cards, flags, etc. Contact a brand representative for approval when using a centred logo.
Logo positioning

Our logo in text

Logo use in text

Logo don´ts

Logo dont's