The Ørsted pictograms are used to represent functions and to support the communication in an engaging and easily understandable way.

The pictograms give personality, dynamism and direction to your communication and can be used in a wide variety of ways to bring the various elements to life.

Pictogram design principles

The visual language of the pictograms stems from the forms and strokes of the Orsted Sans typeface. The pictogram takes that one step further by adding a stencil-like touch that is clean, yet human and lively. The pictograms have two or three dynamic elements placed in a circular holder.

Pictogram index

Below, you’ll find a selection of the pictograms that have been created for Ørsted. The pictograms are available for Microsoft Office and Adobe users.

Download the pictogram index here:

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Do you need a pictogram that is not in the archive?

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If you are a designer and have a flair for drawing, it's easy for you to contribute to the pictograms. For this purpose, we've developed an easy-to-follow guide for you. 

Download drawing guide

Remember that new pictograms must be approved by Contact Brand Solutions Marketing before you use them in your productions. 

General use of pictograms

As mentioned above, the circular holder is an essential element of the pictogram and must always be included. There are only a few exceptions to this rule; when we use pictograms as buttons on web pages and on maps. The exceptions are illustrated in the examples below.

Example of pictogram

Examples of pictograms in layout

Pictogram example

Pictograms used as buttons

For web pages and other digital platforms, we might need to use the pictograms as buttons, and to help the usability, we replace the circular holder with a solid circle. The circle can be white our in one of our five brand colours.

Pictograms used as buttons

Examples of pictograms as buttons

Examples of pictograms as buttons

Pictograms on maps

As the other exception to the rule, we use pictograms without the circular holder when we use them as indicators on maps and in legends.

Examples of pictogram on map

Examples of pictograms on maps

Pictogram buttons on maps