Brand checklist

Brand checklist

When you're producing Ørsted material, remember to always go through this short checklist to ensure it's aligned with our corporate guidelines. All material should be sent to Corporate Branding for approval before you print it and start using it.

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The Ørsted logo is included in the layout, preferably in the upper lefthand corner. We place the logo as the first deck of the header as shown on example 1 and 2. If the logo isn’t linked to a block of text, it's locked in relation to one of the four corners of the text according to layout (example 3).


The brand colours have been used correctly when the blue and white are the dominant colours. The aqua and aubergine colours are used as secondary colours to create variation and a lively expression. The sunny yellow and coral colours are used for detailing and to attract special attention (example 1, 2 and 4).

We work with colour blocking and use one or two colours on each page or surface to keep it simple (example 3). For a publication or an exhibition stand (example 4), the pages or surfaces collectively use our full range of colours.

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When we choose and use images, we focus on people and their lives which are powered by green energy. People who engage with each other and nature (examples 1, 2 and 3). We use full page images to give life all the space possible.

When we have spreads with multiple images (example 4), we make sure to add white space to keep the overall expression light and airy. When we combine images, we make sure they complement each other and serve a purpose in the context.

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Images showing different Orsted brochures

Tone of voice

The text should be in line with the main points of our tone of voice where the message is concise, brief and informal

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Overall feeling

The overall feeling of the design is light and airy, easy to decode, and the tone is bold, inventive and optimistic.

Images showing different Orsted brochures