Business cards

The business cards are a good conversation starter with the representation of our different colours.

When you have ordered new cards, you will receive a box of 100 mixed cards with 20 of each of the Ørsted colours.

You can order your new business cards here



Guidelines and specifications


  1. The business card format is 85x55 mm.

  2. The front sides are coloured in the brand colours; Ørsted Blue, Aqua, Aubergine, Coral or Sun. All cards have a centered white Ørsted logo.

  3. On the back you have the contact information and the Ørsted logo in Ørsted Blue. The logo is located on the right top corner.

  4. Try to use as little information as possible: Name, title, department, mobile and email.

Download CMYK templates (Indd)


Front side

The front is in mono colour with a centered logo

Back side

The back of the card shows only essential contact details about the person and leaves out the company address. For many roles, the address is not a relevant piece of information.
In certain situations, when there is a need for the business address, an alternative version of the business card can be chosen. If in doubt, choose the card without an address.