Our stationery is instantly recognisable and provides a strong connection to the Ørsted brand.


One of our most widely used touchpoints is our stationery, and it’s used to communicate important information internally and externally. We have templates for everything from meeting notes and welcome letters to critical information and invoices.  

The templates are available by default in your Office MS Word if you work on an Ørsted PC, and if you need to work with the stationary templates on a Mac, we also have templates for Adobe Indesign.     

Download Adobe Indesign templates

You can also order pre-printed letterheads and envelopes from the Ørsted Print Center with a personal reference.

Order pre-printed stationary


Our pre-printed paper for letters has the Orsted logo in the upper right corner. Use the font Orsted Sans for the pre-printet header and footer.

It’s printed on eco-labelled and tatile paper (Multiart Design or Munken Polar Rough). 

When writing letters and different documents, we have a wide range of templates which are ready for use. Open Microsoft Word on your Ørsted PC to see all the templates. 

If you're a designer and need letter templates for Adobe, you can send a request here


All envelopes are white and available in C5 and C4 format with and without windows. All address information is placed on the rear of the envelopes. The address is written in Orsted Sans Regular. The logo is placed in the upper left corner. 

Types of envelopes are optional, and window sizes may vary according to local postal restrictions. Before designing envelopes, always consult your local post office to learn about possible local envelope guidelines.

Order envelopes


You can make a colorful label for special occasions. The format is 105 x 74,25 mm, and the label should be placed on coloured envelopes only. See the examples below. 

Order your costum-made label

Greeting cards

You can get greeting cards from at an Ørsted Service Point. If you don't have access to an Ørsted Service Point, your printing partner can print greeting cards for you. You can choose between different templates. 

Uncoated paper gives the greeting card a premium, trustworthy feel. Greeting cards should be printed on eco-labelled, tactile paper. We recommend that you use MultiArt Design or Munken Polar Rough paper.

Note! All our paper is FSC certified. The FSC label is a guarantee that the product has been produced using sustainable forest materials from FSC-certified manufacturers and forest owners. FSC is the world’s most respected forest certification. If you're using our internal printing house in Gentofte, the paper will be FSC-certified. If you need to have a publication printed externally in Denmark, please use one of our preferred FSC-certified suppliers. If you need to have a publication printed externally in Denmark make sure to use our preferred suppliers who uses exclusively FSC certified paper when printing for us.