Our B2B communication is made for professionals, but it remains straightforward with a human touch.

At Ørsted, professionalism and optimism go hand in hand. Our B2B communication is fact-based and caters to technical experts, but we’re never overly complex. We keep things straightforward by shortening paragraphs and using concrete testimonials and lots of illustrations. Businesses are made up by human beings which is why we keep things optimistic, straightforward and focus on how we can create a world powered entirely by green energy.



Here’s a few simple rules to follow when developing B2B communication.

  • Be inventive. Maybe a picture or infographic is easier to understand than the three paragraphs you just penned?

  • Be straightforward. Shorten paragraphs and spark interest with a catchy  introduction before getting to the technical stuff. Underline what benefits we offer, and which type of customer it’s relevant for.

  • Be bold and rational. Our B2B communication should encourage people and businesses to become part of the green transformation, but it must be backed by numbers, benefits and facts.

Examples of communication for B2B

Example of communication for B2B
Embracing flexibility