Corporate communication

Our corporate texts carry the core of our brand to the entire organisation and our key stakeholders.

Our corporate texts confirm our commitment to the fight against climate change and our ambition to revolutionise the way we power people. These are bold and optimistic statements and should guide the tone we use across all our corporate communication.
Our core corporate texts, such as our vision: 'A world that runs entirely on green energy', and our tagline: 'Love your home', lay the foundation for much of the communication material that we produce. Our strategic communication reaches people at all levels of the organisation, so strive to be straightforward and at eye level with your different audiences.



Here’s a few simple rules to follow when developing corporate communication.

  • Use our vision, tagline and corporate key messages as the foundation for your content and tone. You can find our key messages here.

  • Be bold, but restrained. Our corporate communication should encourage people to become part of the green transformation, but it must also be accessible and acceptable to all stakeholders.

  • Be collaborative and at eye level. Make sure your text can be understood by people at all levels of the organisation. If in doubt, test your text on a colleague from another department or a friend.

Examples of corporate communication

Corporate communication