Public campaigns

A big stage requires big statements and in our public campaigns, we aim to be bold and inventive.

Our campaigns should communicate the core of our brand in inventive ways to catch the attention of our audience and inspire action. We have to be bold to cut through the noise of the public space, but we should never appear arrogant. And time is short, so straightforward is the name of the game.


Here are a few simple rules to follow when developing campaign communication.
  • Be optimistic. Climate change is a real threat, but we deliver hope through tangible solutions.

  • Be collaborative and adapt the message to your audience. A B2B campaign in the UK has a different tone than a B2C campaign in Denmark.

  • Be bold, but never silly or cocky. We can use humor and show some attitude, but we’re never silly or childish in our communication.

Print examples

This campaign explains in the simplest terms why we what we do. It´s common sense to us, but uncommon to the everyday energy conglomerates who're still using fossil fuels and polluting the earth.
Public communication
Public campaign
Public communication