Social media

When producing content for social media, engagement is king. Get the conversation going by being collaborative, available and at eye level with your audience.

Optimism breeds engagement and sharing. Focus on the green energy solutions we're providing and leave people with a feeling of 'you can do something too'. Encourage people to share the green message and/or take action. Show genuine interest in your audience by asking questions and being responsive. Support this with strong visuals like images or film, as they capture people’s attention while browsing their news feed.

If you want people to stop and pay attention, then you’ve better make your content stand out. Deliver a fresh take on an old issue, an exceptional image or a quick laugh. Don’t use passive statements and don’t make the design too polished – on social media, our content needs to stand out in a crowded feed and get people’s attention. In terms of text, less is more on social media, so be straightforward and lead with an image, illustration, film or animation.


Here’s a few simple rules to follow when developing social media communication.

  • Remember to ask yourself: Why is this content relevant for people outside Ørsted? If you don’t see it you either need to tell the story in a new angle or choose another channel like Vital.

  • Be optimistic in your messaging. It’s proven to engage audiences.

  • Remember to ask yourself: How does this piece of content stand out from the crowd? If you’re not sure, then look for a better angle or a more engaging wording.

  • Have strong visuals to emphasize your message.

Examples of communication
for social media

A company with a scandinavian heritage
Wind turbines produce green energy at sea
We're changing our name from DONG Energy to Ørsted